The prospect lies near a pronounced NE trending regional lineament that controls the emplacement of the mineralization in the area. Access to the area is excellent via well traveled and maintained public paved and gravel roads to within five kilometers of the claims.

There are several other known porphyry and tourmaline breccias hosted systems along the trend, which continues to the NE until Codelco's El Salvador mine located some fifty kilometers from La Finca. At the property scale, there are numerous mineralized structures radiating from the main alteration zone that cover an area of approximately 2.0km by 2.5km. The structures all contain varying amounts of quartz-copper oxide-molybdenum mineralization with some having been mined by artisanal miners to extensive depth. The central alteration zone which contains the altered porphyry doesn't outcrop and was discovered with trenching done by the current owners.

The main alteration consists of extensively oxidized and leached quartz monzodiorite, relatively unaltered tourmaline breccias and lesser altered diorite porphyry. These rocks are surrounded by propylitized andesitic volcanic (host to the mineralized structures and quartz veins mined by artisanal miners) and lesser rhyolite porphyry.

Section work was done by the owners, which confirms the presence of altered porphyry with secondary biotite and lesser magnetite within the main zone. The main trenches show intensively leached intrusive with moderate to strong stockwork locally. Some sections of the trenches are well mineralized in copper oxide over widths of four to ten meters, hosted in what appear as late cross cutting structures. It is difficult to confirm if some of the mineralization is related to the stock work due to the intense leaching.