Assets, Process, Team

World class management with previous successes in the lithium industry

Developed through to production lithium brine projects in Chile and Argentina

Most recently Lithium-X Energy Corp which was acquired in 2018 for $265M

Executive Chairman Eduardo Morales is a pioneer of the lithium brine industry

Former CEO of Rockwood Litio Ltda (Chile), where he oversaw the development of the world’s premier lithium brine asset in the Salar de Atacama, Chile

Rockwood was sold in 2014 for US$6.2 billion

Arena’s Antofalla project poised to be the next brine discovery in Argentina

Antofalla is drill ready and fully permitted

Arena has developed a proprietary brine processing technology producing >30% LiCL from ponds

Strategic partnership with world premier lithium producer

► Ganfeng Lithium Co. to acquire 19.9% of Arena pursuant to a private placement announced Feb 3, 2021

► Proceeds shall be used to advance the Antofalla asset and to evaluate potential acquisitions.

Strategic Partnership

► Ganfeng is granted the right to appoint a nominee to the Board of Directors of Arena;

► Ganfeng is granted a right to acquire up to 35% interest in any asset acquisition completed by Arena

► Ganfeng is granted pre-emptive rights to maintain its percentage ownership interest in Arena

The Argentine Puna region hosts the WORLD’S THIRD LARGEST LITHIUM RESERVES, after Chile and China

Mr. Morales and the Arena team have developed a proprietary brine processing technology

The process allows for the production of >30% LiCl from conventional evaporation ponds

LiCl product has numerous benefits:

Transportation to centralized carbonate plant
Production of battery grade lithium carbonate without purification circuits

The Salar de Atacama operation employs a similar process, producing a battery grade product at one of the world’s lowest production costs

► The process employed in Atacama was developed during Mr. Morales tenure.