Lithium Brine Industry

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World Class Management

with previous successes in the lithium industry

Lead by

A Pioneer of the Lithium Brine Industry

Eduardo Morales

Executive Chairman

Fastrack to Production

Integrated approach to development reduces timeline and capital costs

Strategic Partnership with World Premier Lithium Producer

Mr. Morales and the Arena team have developed a proprietary brine processing technology

The process allows for the production of >30% LiCl from conventional
evaporation ponds

LiCl product has numerous benefits:

Project Highlights

Salar de Antofalla


Lithium Brine

The argentine puna region hosts the world’s third largest lithium reserves, after chile and china

Sal de la Puna

Pastos Grandes

Lithium Brine

High-grade brine in of the world’s major lithium basins

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