World Renown Expert in Lithium Processing, Particularly in Lithium Brine

  • Mr. Morales is a chemical engineer with nearly 40 years of experience in project engineering, construction and start-up.
  • The world?s first Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate was achieved under his leadership.
  • Mr. Morales formerly built and operated one of the world?s largest lithium?brine operations. As President of Rockwood Lithium Latin America, he successfully led the development, commissioning and operation of Rockwood?s?Salarde Atacama project. His tenure with Rockwood Lithium ended with the company?s sale to Albemarle Corporation for US$6.2 billion in 2014.
  • Mr. Morales was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Lithium-X Energy Corp. in 2016. Lithium-X was acquired less than 2 years later.
  • Mr. Morales previously served?as General Manager overseeing construction and operations of both the ponding facilities at?Salarde Atacama and lithium carbonate and lithium chloride plants in Antofagasta, Chile. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from?the University of Santiago, Chile.